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AQ Partners provides accountability coaching to increase team productivity, manage stress, and develop leaders.
Accountability Works
What can accountability do for your organization?
Improves individual performance
Builds trust and Confidence
bolsters company culture
Nepherterra B

The AQ Partners truly have a gift for helping and supporting women accomplish their goals and live their dreams. Cheron and Tasha are smart, professional and passionate business women who have helped me think bigger and do better. I am grateful for their patience and professionalism as they helped me achieve my goals and held me accountable along the way. I am looking forward to working with them again very soon.

Chin A

This is a necessary service for people who need assistance staying on track and motivated to reach goals.

Monifa R

I thoroughly enjoy working with The AQ Partners! It feels
good to have two smart, capable and compassionate sistas who always
deliver great content, listen and challenge me with intention and then offer
practical, relevant strategies and tips that help me move towards my goals.
With AQ Partners, in a short period of time, I accomplished long standing goals that I
put off for too long. Without question, AQ Partners are skilled and worth my
time, money and commitment!

Jasmine R

The AQ Partners are unequivocally the squad you need to succeed! I hired them to support my health and career development goals over 4 months. They were invaluable! They provided supportive accountability and helped strategize pivots when the challenges of life arose. Definitely would call them again. It was like having the best coach and cheerleader squad every step of the way.

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